About US

30 Years Of Legacy

At SHIRO Helmets, we've been making history for over 30 years as a Spanish helmet brand providing safety and protection on the road. Behind each helmet is a human quality that ensures the helmet you wear is completely unique.

From the design of the shell, we ensure that it meets the strictest safety homologations in the market.

In-House manufacturing

We carefully select the materials that make up the helmet, paying special attention to the direct contact with the interiors to enhance your comfort level.

We have a creative team that is dedicated to researching the latest trends in the motor universe to offer you a structured, memorable, and at the same time timeless design.

In creating our graphics, we don't base ourselves on trends, we want your helmet to feel modern from the day you buy it until the end.

In the manufacturing process, we adjust all the necessary technical details to ensure the helmet arrives in perfect condition at the store or directly to your home.

The effort,
dedication and passion

They are the driving force that keeps SHIRO relevant after 30 years of protecting you; that's what the true legacy of SHIRO consists of.